All Gucci

UnbenanntThis picture is quite old but still one of the best outfits ever. While the last one I uploaded was more like a summer outfit, this one is perfect for spring and autumn. I can tell you some prices but since it is all Gucci I wouldn’t recommend to actually buy the stuff 😉

Jacket: Gucci ~3.500€
Shirt (longsleeve=: Gucci ~300€
Belt: Gucci: ~220€
Shoes: Gucci ~450€
I think the pants are Gucci but I am not sure.

If you want to buy this outfit you would have to spend like 5.000€, which is obviously too much. So here are some alternative options:

Jacket: It’s difficult and you won’t find ‘this’ jacket for a lower price. For Germans I would recommend to check out ZARA for similar jackets.

Shirt: Of course you can’t find a cheaper shirt with an all-over Gucci print. I found a similar one at Karstadt but that’s more than a year ago. But you can just go with a light blue shirt.

Belt: The GG buckle is unique but you can find brown-brown belts in every good store out there. Shouldn’t be an insoluble problem.

Pants: Check out ZARA! They have those pants for ~50€.

Shoes: GG logo all over it, so you have to look for brown high-top sneakers. Hummel has similar ones
for less than 100€.


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