The little extra

The little extra

CR7 Casual with vest
As someone who likes to go out for dinner, I really thought about different styles for those occasions. I always want to be well dressed but obviously not overdressed. This CR7 outfit is a great example of how you can dress for dinner – casual with the little extra.

I don’t know most of the brands, just the jeans and belt:

Jeans: Dsquared ~380€
Belt: Gucci ~220€

Not sure about his shoes, but if you want to have a similar look you can just go with Nike Air Force (~110€). For t-shirts check out JOOP!, which cost about 30€. Alternatively go for Emporio Armani. You can buy a vest at fashionid, H&M, Macy’s or similar stores. The prize ranges from 20€ to 200€, so it’s up to you. To top it off you need glasses. You can buy similar ones everywhere, 10€ and more.

Very nice outfit, which is still very casual with the little extra ‘classyness’.


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