Marca Awards Ceremony

CR at Maraca Awards

CR at Maraca Awards

At the Marca Awards ceremony CR showcased a new outfit, which combines casual with classy elements. As always some pieces are already sold out, others are super expensive. I don’t know the brand of his jeans and shoes, but can tell you something about the rest.

Leather jacket: Dsquared (~1.800€)
Shirt: Dsquared (~540€; sold out)
Tie: Hugo Boss (~100€)
Belt: Gucci (~300€)

No idea about the pants. Could be Dolce & Gabbana, but the latest Valentino jeans look very similar (~300€). Check out the usual suspects H&M, Zalando, Macy’s and luisaviaroma.

A similar shirt can be found at H&M for ~20€ and you can buy similar pants at Zara for less than 50€. The shoes are a bigger challenge, but every all-black sneakers should work. If you can’t find a vest, you can also go with a thin cardigan. Black belts and blue ties can be bought everywhere.


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