CR7 Ballon d’Or Casual Style

CR7 Ballon d'Or Casual Style

CR7 Ballon d’Or Casual Style

On his way to Zurich Cristiano was seen in this casual outfit. Unfortunately you cannot see that much, but what you can see is this:

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana Matte Havana (~140€)
T-Shirt: Nike F.C. Block (~20€; sold out)
Jacket: Nike (~380€)

Since Ronaldo is advertising Tag Heute watches, he wears them occasionally. This chronographe costs ~4.700€.

You can’t see his pants and shoes but I would suggest to go for a Valentino jeans (~300€) and all black Dolce & Gabbana sneakers (~300€). Obviously all black sneakers and clean dark blue pants or jeans would work with this outfit. Since two key pieces are Nike, you can also buy Nike sneakers to top it off.


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